Jamie and Roman Portrait

Meet our family!

Jamie and Roman Eppig

husband & wife photographer team

Hello! We’re Jamie and Roman, the lead photographers behind Jamie Dunn Photography. We’ve been together since Jamie was a junior in high school. Immediately after graduation we moved in together, and Jamie started going to community college while Roman began his career in welding at Newport News Shipbuilding. Jamie started her photography business in 2016 with a Canon 6D, nifty fifty,  and a dream of photographing weddings- but never would have imagined Roman would join her as her second shooter and they’d be shooting 25-30 weddings a year by 2020.

We’re currently enjoying DIY projects at our house, scheming up ways to have as many farm animals as possible in our backyard, and cuddling up by the fireplace with popcorn and a good comedy.


the pups

We’re Stella & Bandit, the Eppig family dogs!

I’m Bandit (right)! I’m Roman’s childhood best friend. I’m about 14 years old and still healthy and spunky as ever (maybe just a few more naps these days).

I’m Stella (left)! I’m 4 years old and always hesitant to take treats from my parents just in case I don’t like it. I enjoy harassing Bandit and forcing her to play with me.

We both enjoy car rides, walks, and belly rubs.

Chester, the family cat, sometimes thinks he’s a dog and we all cuddle together. It’s really cute and we know it.


This or That?

Early Bird



Ocean Waves




Beach Boys




Night Owl


Morning Walks

Rain Sounds








Over the years we’ve met some amazing people thanks to Jamie Dunn Photography. At first, photography was just a passionate hobby of mine, but after looking back after my first year and realizing the impact I get to make on not only your lives, but on my own, it became so much more than that. Being a wedding photographer gives me a reason to connect with people on a deeper level. It allows me to serve them in a way that incorporates an art form. Seeing a brides eyes light up when I show them the first completed images from their gallery is why I do this. Capturing the look in his eyes the very first time he sees his wife, and getting to do it over and over again for a multitude of love stories is humbling and precious, and it never ever gets old. But what is so amazing about it, is that I get to show someone that their life and their story is art. It’s unique and it’s beautiful, and should be remembered as such. Hang those prints on your wall, look through the album every day- it’s a proud moment, reflecting on the legacy that you’re building. I can’t wait to capture your unforgettable moments!


My Instagram account is where I post behind the scenes looks at our life just about every single day, and I’d love for you to follow along!